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A Glamorous Evening in Soma Bay to Commemorate Kempinski
120 Year Anniversary

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Soma Bay witnessed a memorable evening of glamour and finesses whilst celebrating 120 years of delivering rich and meaningful experiences to its guests with ‘‘Ignite the Night’’ party by the enchanting Soma Bay beach.
The general Manager, Mr. Russel Storey, and all of the management team launched a series of festivities designed to enchant and delight guests. The hotel passageways leading from and to the ceremony area were decorated with candles as the enchanting music vibes of the live performances added a pinch of magic to the dazzling breathtaking views of the beach cocktail party.
Mr. Storey briefly gave an inspirational speech about the enticing story of Kempinski’s journey – Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group since 1897 – during which they mastered the art of providing perfection for their guests in every way and successfully created a constellation of remarkable havens to which guests can travel and stay in style. “Our hotel is proudly the first property in Egypt managed by Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, Kempinski Hotels, who owns long tradition of managing historic buildings, landmark property and maintaining a unique collection of individual properties” Mr. Storey added. He later announced the opening of Cuba’s first five-star European luxury hotel, within the historic Manzana de Gómez building in Old Havana in year 2017.
The miraculous dazzling evening was given an extra dimension of enchantment with a gourmet dinner experience for all esteemed attendees in The View Restaurant – which was decorated in a special 120 themed concept and served a sumptuous dinner buffet selection, and an array of live cooking stations.
The guests spent a genuinely marvellous evening and praised the quality of service rendered by the team.

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