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731 Rockart

The Austrian traveller and entrepreneur Thomas Krakhofer exhibits his modern interpretation of ancient Egyptian rock drawings for the second time at Steigenberger Al Dau. His traveling through Asia, India, South America and Africa brought Thomas to Egypt, where he founded the company Red Sea Desert Adventures in partnership with Karen Van Opstal, an expert for the Eastern Egyptian Desert, who lives in the Area of Marsa Alam for over 25 years. The magical area between the Red Sea and the Nile valley hides many secrets, one of them are ancient rock paintings, documenting human history over thousands of years. Thomas took many photographs of these drawings, and he later transformed them into colourful prints. Before the desert dried out about 5000 years ago flora and fauna were similar to the savannahs of today’s East Africa. The paintings show herds of wild game like African gazelles, elephants, ostriches and giraffes that grazed the valley, and provided hunting for the human population as well as for lions and other predators. Other drawings display boats transporting godlike figures, symbolizing men’s communication with the after world. The rock art exhibition is open till end of July and can be visited by all. Take the chance to purchase one of these unique high quality prints (limited edition, 10 copies per picture) at Steigenberger Al Dau Resort, and take an interpretation of ancient Egyptian history with you to decorate your home or office. For more information please call +2 0122 2328 155 or Email at

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