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Egyptians hold up signs around an Iftar table, as they wait to break their daytime fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in Alexandria, Friday, June 26, 2015 Alexandria set a new Guinness world record for the longest public iftar table on Friday, despite scuffles that marred the event. The governorate of Alexandria organized a 4,303 meter-long chain of dining tables for Muslims breaking their daily Ramadan fast at the Iftar meal. The seaside Iftar tables extended from Al-Mahrousa district in the west of the city to Sidi Gaber in the east, and smashed a previous two-kilometer record set in Italy. Guinness representatives measured the tables, to ensure they were adjacent to each other with no spaces in-between, Al-Ahram website reported. However, a number of scuffles and fights broke out among the attendees due to apparent mismanagement of the event, with attendees complaining about the scarcity of the food and water distributed. The event was organized by the Alexandria governorate in cooperation with a number of businessmen and civil society groups that aimed to feed 10,000 people free of charge. Dozens of businessmen and other donors partially funded the event. The Egyptian armed forces and police also provided food for the event as well as the security detail. Free Iftar events, funded by a variety of religious organizations, charities, and individuals, have traditionally provided free Iftar meals for less wealthy Muslims during Ramadan in Egypt.





В Александрии провели рекордный 4-километровый ифтар

Традиция масштабных ифтаров в Египте имеется на каждой улице. Традиционны подобные празднества около мечетей, на площадях. Жители Александрии при поддержке правительства, бизнесменов и армии решили в рамках пятничного разговения побить мировой рекорд по длине стола, разместив его на 4-километровой набережной. На мероприятие пригласили представителей книги рекордов Гиннесса. Эксперты проверили длину столов для ифтара. Она оказалась в 4 303 метра, что в 2 с лишним раза превышало предыдущий рекорд, уставленный в Италии. Планировалось, что в мероприятии примет участие 10 тысяч человек, однако точное число гостей рекордного разговения пока не известно.

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