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Do your DSD (German Language Diploma) now - at GHS El Gouna

The German Hotel School El Gouna is the only Hotel School in the Middle East which trains young people to become professional hotel employees following the successful and worldwide known German Dual training system. Specialized on food and beverage consultation and service, cooking and presenting international food or setting up guest rooms and public hotel areas following the highest standards- our graduates are ready to offer their high level skills to the local and international job market. Were you aware that they do not only achieve an internationally recognized degree but also a certain German language level? No? That is why we decided to improve our education goals once more and introduce a globally identical language evaluation certificate. We are proud and happy that we will be officially entitled by June 2016 to offer an additional diploma to our students which specially proof their language skills: the DSD – Deutsches Sprachdiplom. The examination system is guided and standardized by the German Government and implemented in nearly 1100 schools worldwide. The German Hotel School El Gouna is very satisfied to be able to offer an additional qualification to its students by summer 2016. Viel Erfolg – good luck!
Phone: +2 (065) 358 0444           Mobile: +2 0122 6776 244
FB: Deutsche-Hotelschule-El-Gouna

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