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Exitement rises – final exams

As every year in May we were proud to welcome the German Examination Board from IHK Leipzig to evaluate our finalists. Day No. 1 is reserved for the written exams- full concentration is requested but the examiners calm nervous students down and encourage them well! Day 2 and 3, now it´s getting really interesting but also funny for students end examiners equally whilst we run the practical exams either in the kitchen or service department. 

The students are keen to prove their skills and prepare a delicious dish or create a wonderful dining table. Last but not least, the verbal explanation of the produced item, in German of course! Now- just two more nights until Certificates are handed out: Congratulation ladies and Gentlemen- very well done! 

You have studied and trained hard- here is your definitely deserved German IHK Certificate which is of course internationally recognized. We wish you all the best for your future hotel career!


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