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How to become a professional cook

Do you not only eat with pleasure, but feel real passion while dealing with food? 

Are you creative in addition and a team player as well?  

Than the profession of the cook is most probably your dream job!

Becoming a good cook starts with a perfect personal hygiene and appearance and goes hand in hand with readiness to adopt new skills. Patience is also needed: Cutting 10 cucumbers within 30 seconds? Even experienced chefs needed long time of practice before they could do so. 

But Rome wasn´t built in a day as well so give yourself some time and training and it will happen- sooner or later, we promise! After you are familiar with plenty of kitchen tools but also with spices, herbs and hundreds of other food items you will start to assist in preparing meals. 

A little tip from us: you may always “steal” with your eyes and implement what you have learned that way. 

Once you have prepared a dish all alone for the first time and your guests are inspired you will be incredibly proud and know, you chose the right profession. We offer passionate youngster the chance to learn the job professionally from the basic and achieve an internationally recognized certificate from the German Chamber of Commerce. 

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