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9th Community Forum El Gouna 2030
16 March 2016

717 TU Campus 9th Community Forum

Conclusions and Recommendations by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schäfer and Felix Hartenstein, moderators of the Community Forum.
1. Presentations and discussions of the 9th Community Forum have proven the strong public interest and the practical importance of mobility, transportation and traffic planning for the future development of El Gouna. The 9th Community Forum has started a process of public debate of these issues which ought to be continued in one of the next sessions.
2. The 9th Community Forum showed a special quality because of the intensive participation and contributions of local and regional actors: Rotary Club Red Sea El Gouna, El Gouna International School, Hurghada Motorbike Club Soul Seekers, start-ups from Cairo and representatives of the Arab-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with many members of the El Gouna community made this Forum more than before a platform for a dialogue on urban development.
3. Compact information about the current and future activities of Orascom in the streets and public spaces of El Gouna was presented by Mahmoud Baroudi, General Manager of El Gouna. He announced that in the next stage of this work an expert for street planning will be involved.  
4. In the discussion a proposal was presented by community members and accepted by Mahmoud Baroudi: The future activities of traffic planning should be accompanied by a working group or advisory committee in which community members should contribute with comments and recommendations. The presentations of the Road Safety Project of Rotary Club Red Sea El Gouna and the results of the project work of EGIS have shown the quality and value of such civil initiatives.
5. In a similar way, experts from TUB, who have elaborated a lot of concepts for El Gouna in the last years, should be continuously involved.
6. The presentations of start-ups were very valuable and gave an impressive insight into the broad field of opportunities offered by IT-technologies for a modern and sustainable mobility management. The Forum appreciated that all the presenters tried to apply their ideas and concepts to the special conditions of El Gouna and Hurghada. It was consensus that these startups should be invited once again to discuss their ideas in more detail.
7. Discussions and results of the 9th Community Forum have once again demonstrated that El Gouna has a high potential to become a Green City. Continuous communication between El Gouna Management, active members of the community and experts of Campus El Gouna     is a strong support on this way.
8. The contributions of the Forum can be found on the new homepage:
9. Last but not least: Thanks to all who have made this 9th Forum a success by means of their presentations and contributions to a vital public debate.
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