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713 TU Berlin Graduation

On February 5th and 6th was the second TU Berlin Graduation Day at the El Gouna campus.

About 200 students, teachers, families and friendsattended the ceremonies. Fifteen graduates received their master certificate in Energy Engineering, 8 in Urban Development and 2 in Water Engineering.

Prominent speakers honored the new masters and the successful work of the Campus El Gouna: - Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel (Vice President for International Relations,TU Berlin) - Prof. Dr. Ashraf Hatem (Secretary General, Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt) - Hoda El Mahdy (Senior Officer of the Education and Scholarships Department, Sawiris Foundation for Sustainable Development, SFSD) - Laura Oexle (Head of Science Department, German Embassy) - Dr. Roman Luckscheiter (Head of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Cairo & German Science Centre Egypt (DWZ).

In the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Schäfer, Founding Director of Campus El Gouna and Study Dean of the Urban Development Department at Campus El Gouna, highlighted two new activities that are now under construction:
- An association of El Gouna alumni will be established for postgraduate networking.
- A program for doctoral studies will start in the coming winter semester 2016/17.

There are already 15 PhD students, mostly Egyptians, that work on topics of relevance for Egypt and the MENA region.

The graduation activities began with a series of presentations on the results of the master dissertations of the graduates. Late afternoon the event opened up to the local and regional public of El Gouna and Hurghada and continued as the 8th Community Forum El Gouna 2030.

Three presentations were given to topics of local interest and led to intensive questions and discussions:
- Dr. Nikos Tzoupanis presented an exciting overview about the recent  El Gouna related research activities of the Water Engineering department.
- Jing-Chin Hsu (MSc) presented results of her research on energy consumtion saving with the concrete case study of Ocean View Hotel in El Gouna.
- Mohamed Abdl Wahab (MSc) gave a report on his research in the field of solid waste management in Hurghada and presented proposals for  reforms.

The lectures of the winter semester 2015/16 ended with February. The summer semester 2016 will start April 18th with all El Gouna students in Berlin.

The next big event in El Gouna will be the Opening Ceremony for the 5th intake in Octorber 2016.

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