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We believe: Being a good waiter is so much more… Working in the hotel industry requires a lot of passion in general. But being a good and professional waiter means: delivering your daily work from your heart and soul! We know it can be very demanding to fulfill all the needs of partly impolite or stressed guests – always with a nice smile and some kind words. But if you have learned your profession well and you are trained in dealing even with difficult personalities you will get positive feedback on your work from all sides!

It´s for example guests who positively mention your name in a comment sheet or a supervisor who leaves a beneficial note on your extraordinary commitment at the GM´s office. Latest when it comes to Tips and promotion on higher positions you automatically get an evaluation of your work. There is hardly another profession which can be as satisfying as the job of a waiter and it has a big variety of working field as well: Either dignified á la carte service which requires a lot of knowledge about delicacies and wine or entertaining bar service with a great presentation of colorful cocktails- there is plenty of choices how to specialize. Serving is definitely not everyone’s dream job but if you learn it well from the scratch we can promise you great career prospects in the hotel industry.

 Get more information! Find out about your career in the hotel industry at the German Hotel School El Gouna: 0122 6776244 or (065)3580444

EMail:   Phone: +2 (065) 358 0444   Mobile: +2 0122 6776 244  
FB: Deutsche-Hotelschule-El-Gouna

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