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 Languages & Tourism


This combination belongs together ever since and there is little doubt that language skills are an absolute necessity in tourism. Waiters, receptionists, tourist guides, animators, representatives and all kinds of people working in the hospitality industry have to be able to communicate with foreign guest and customers. Languages are therefore a very important part of tourism all over the world. 

LetĀ“s imagine a model situation when you would come to a foreign country for vacation or a long weekend trip just to enjoy your free time and relax. However, the employees at the front office or in the restaurant, or the entire hotel staff would start talking to you in their native language. Let alone if the menu, price list or other things would be written only in the language of the country. A terrible scenario!

In the competitive and constantly changing tourism industry, it is a challenge to develop customer contact optimally and continuously. As it is more and more difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition, a strong connection with guests must go hand in hand with outstanding customer communication. Therefore the German Hotel School El Gouna focuses on teaching, training and improving the studentsĀ“ language skills with constant efforts and various methods. 

English is by far the most important language worldwide in international communication and we give 6 lessons per week. But we chose - in order to fulfill our vocational cooperation with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce - to teach the German language preferential with 24 lessons in the first term. 

Not only our students benefit from our efforts in language education - we also offer courses for beginners and advanced level participants to hotels and other tourism establishments. The German Hotel School El Gouna is well known in the Red Sea area for its highly qualified body of language teachers. We wish to propel the development of Egyptian tourism not only by educating young people but also by improving the service quality.

If that is your aim too, get more information about our German and English courses or the vocational training at the German Hotel School El Gouna now!


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