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Germany´s Dual System is one of the world´s most successful vocational training systems. It comprises about 340 recognized trades. Dual System means the apprentices (most of them between 15 and18 years) spend two weeks at a company providing vocational training, where they acquire the practical skills required for their specific trade. The third week is spent at a vocational school, where apprentices receive a theoretical grounding for their future job.

The advantages for trainees and training companies are obvious: While the apprentice learns directly - on the job - about the demands and requirements of his future profession from the beginning of his training, the instructing company is given the opportunity to train future employees exactly fitting its needs and requirements.

Well, we should keep in mind that a highly qualified training occasions costs and includes care work for the trainees. That is why, among others, most countries have refrained from introducing the Dual System. But with regard to increasing global economic challenges the German Dual System has found more and more proponents from politics and entrepreneurship worldwide, which regard highly qualified staff as crucial for defying international competition.

Established in 2002 the German Hotel School El Gouna ventures to regard itself as a forerunner in cutting-edge and internationally recognized vocational training. According to German vocational standards we create excellence: the most qualified service and kitchen staff you may probably find in Egypt, and a good command of the German language in addition to it. 

We work hand in hand with our partners - local and regional 4* and 5* star hotels – and train according to German guidelines and are officially certified by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Leipzig, Germany.

You are interested in being a training partner soon? You want your kid to join our school? You need additional information?

Email: Phone: +2 065 358 04 44
Mobile: +2 0122 677 62 44
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