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3rd Community Forum El Gouna 2030 Urban Development and Entrepreneurship besides Tourism First Steps to a SWOT Analysis for El Gouna and its Regional Neighborhood November 15th and 16th 2013 Technische Universität - Campus El Gouna

The economy of El Gouna and the Red Sea Region is dominated by the sector of tourism. The current crisis in this sector raises the question: 4What potentials and prospects can be identified in non-tourist sectors in El Gouna and the Red Sea Region? 4How can urban development be opened for such non-tourist uses and convey them? The data situation and the state of work in this field are not developed. Systematic market and location analysis for non-tourism development potentials do not exist. On this background the Forum offers statements, lectures and discussions by and with regional and local stakeholders and academic to the topics: 4Perspectives of Regional Actors and Experts 4Findings of Regional Planning and Regional Economics 4Universities as Incubators of Local and Regional Development 4Ideas for a „Business Park El Gouna“ 4Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises 4Perspectives in Urban Agriculture 4Perspectives by „Specialised Tourism“?

The Community Forum El Gouna 2030 was established in September 2012 and is a platform for a continuous and systematic presentation and discussion of strategic topics of the urban development of El Gouna and its neighborhood in the Red Sea Region.
Image courtesy of: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Wellmann The detailed program is available on our website: Participation fee: 100 EGP per day including Forum papers and catered breaks and lunch

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