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Sunrise International School

People say that the first impression is the last impression. This is true of persons as well as things, or to be specific, products. Thus, quite a few firms used to write introductory letters about their products to clients. However, we invite you to share us the facts by seizing this opportunity to express our gratitude for the warm, friendly, healthy atmosphere provided by the Sunrise International School to all students- “we feel ourselves at home”. Our teachers are understating and sociable, very qualified and experienced candidates, who are always doing their utmost to ensure fulfilling our needs timely & passionately. They do care and guide us to attain our assessments. The school had an appeal for all needs, so you can simply choose what best fits your desire as an educational system either to enroll in the international or the national divisions.

In addition to the common subjects, we have extra-curricular activities such as Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), plus Information,

 Communication & Technology (ICT).

Ultimately, you will always be able to find an activity that will perfectly suit your interests & needs; in parallel, the school provides yearly

competitions & sports events that all students are invited to join.

The school provides all the facilities of a modern school- airy class rooms, well-equipped laboratories, and a large library with anthologies. In addition, the teachers use screen projectors to demonstrate the lessons.

While the young students can always have fun & play in the spacious playground, the older ones can enjoy playing football at the football field. Students enjoy having two meals a day as the school provides breakfast & lunch. The Sunrise International School believes that it’s all about bringing a story to life;

being an ideal school in all aspects,

so don’t miss the chance to be

a part of the family


326 Sunriseschool


We would like to thank our dear students Menna Ashraf and Karina Ehab for writing this article, and we aim to always exceed your expectations.

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