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TU Berlin Campus El Gouna invites to the 4th Community Forum El Gouna 2030, January 14th and 22nd 2014 "Renovating Downtown El Gouna" Results of the Winter School, January 12th to 23rd, 2014

Besides the dominant tourist facilities El Gouna hosts a remarkable number of other activities. There are not only a lot of institutions for education, research and culture, but also companies for industrial production and an agricultural sector for food supplies.

This is the result of the current development concept, which conceptualizes El Gouna as a “real town” with a wide range of activities and a broad mixture of functions. From the very beginning, the active town center - Downtown El Gouna -, played an important role in this concept.

Meanwhile, the Downtown El Gouna is more than 20 years old and there is a need for physical renovations as well as functional development. The students of the master's program Urban Development will work on these topics in a Winter School together with other Egyptian and German students.

Topics of the Winter School are:
• Problems and tasks in Downtown El Gouna
• Situation of the existing building stock
• Consumption of water and energy
• Quality of the urban design
• Situation of the open spaces
• Conditions of mobility, walkability and traffic
• Economic situation of small shops

Presentation of Results The introductory lectures and the results of the students' work were presented to the public of El Gouna in two sessions of the 4th Community Forum El Gouna 2030. The presentations addressed in particular those actors and stakeholders, who are relevant for the development of Downtown and have a direct influence on the further concept-finding, planning and decision making process.

More than 100 Applicants Participants of the Winter School will be 17 Students of the Master's programs Urban Development and Energy Engineering, 10 students from various Egyptian universities, 5 students from TU Berlin.

More than 100 students from Egypt and Germany have applied for this school. Participants will be accompanied and supervised by a bi-national team of professors and lecturers. The detailed program is available on our website:
Participation fee: 30 EGP per day including Forum papers and catered breaks

And in February 2014 visit:
5th Community Forum El Gouna 2030 Business Park El Gouna - Potentials, Opportunities, Perspectives - February 15th 2014. The detailed program will be available on our website mid of January 2014:
Participation fee: 30 EGP per day including Forum papers and catered breaks

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