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 656 melaha oasis1
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Our trip started from the private house of Pierre-André Jean Denereaz, a Swiss scientific desert explorer.  We were accompanied by Sheikh Abd El Zaher member of the Kushmaan Clan,which is part of the Ma’asa tribe having the usage rights of thousands of square Kilometre of desert land. Already this constellation made the trip interesting from the start, and we were in safe hands being hosted by Sheikh Abd El Zaher. We left early morning, 5:30 direction El Gouna, took a desert road to the Abou Sha’ar mountain which we passed on the north. After a 1 ½ hour trip through a fascinating landscape we had a rest under a huge acazia with tea and coffee.

A flat tire gave us time to explore the surrounding and we found interesting metamorphic rocks and flint stones, the primary material for Stone Age tools and weapons. With ease he climbed the roof of the car, through down a new tire and replaced the broken one within minutes. After another hour drive we reached Malahha. Impressive! An Oasis with 1500 palm trees, acazia, reeds, a spring with a small lake, and migrating birds! After having had lunch under a shady tree Sheikh Abd El Zaher drove us back through a colorful sand stone canyon. The adventurers enjoyed the trip on the roof of the car. Early afternoon we arrived back in Hurghada. This beautiful trip through the Egyptian desert will always stay in our mind.


 Pierre Andre Jean bc 850


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