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The German artist Birgit Baumann got inspired by pictures about Egypt and Egyptians in their everyday lives by the Finnish photographer Kimmo Hagman. Both artists are presenting their work in oil paintings, photos and objects in one exhibition, as a dialogue between photography and art, the lives of the people in Egypt seen through our European eyes, the reality and the creative imagination of it. The pictures are capturing a moment of real life that happened whereas the oil paintings have been created through a process of thinking and developing an idea about this reality, things have been added or changed to the original photo.

The exhibition is accompanied by pictures and the creative work from the children of the German School Hurghada, with their responses and interpretations to the artwork of famous artists like Wassily Kandinsky and James Rizzi.

This exhibition wants to inspire and to broaden the view to everyday situations, to take a curious view on the variety and existing diversity of people and look from a different angle. As Europeans living in Egypt, we can learn from the possibility to see the cultural reality of other people.


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