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2 Hot is the latest Hip Hop song created by producer Scorpodra and rapper T-Money, who teamed up during their studies in the UK. Together the duo brings you new style, that is unique and fresh. It was published on 22nd of December 2017 on the major music platforms, such us Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Anghamy, Shazam, Amazon, Tidal, Yandex and more.

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Article before publishing of "2 Hot" (19th of December 2017):
SCORPODRA is a DJ & Producer, living between the UK, Russia and Egypt. Born in Hurghada, Egypt in year 2000, he grew up on the Red Sea, and is now surfing the waves of an international Student’s life. Currently studying at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, UK he concentrates in developing his skills in music production, languages and communication.
T-Money is a rapper from Montreal, Quebec, studying at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, UK.
22 December 2017: Release of "2 Hot", the latest Hip-hop song by producer Scorpodra and Canadian rapper T-Money From The 5. "2 Hot" brings a new style into the Hip-hop scene.
Teaser for "2 Hot":
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