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The story of the “Fang Gang”

Fang (pictured) is a street cat. Fang is shy, but streetwise, she is also a mother several times over. Her life was hard and she was emaciated and worn out by motherhood. But, now, thankfully, no more babies for Fang.

Thanks to the TNR programme at the Purrfect Cuppa in conjunction with the Bluemoon Animal Centre!

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) allows street animals to be saved from a life of constant parenthood. Frequent, but light, feeding of street animals leads to (relatively) easy capture, a short visit to the vets at Bluemoon for neutering (a simple and low risk procedure), and then after a short recovery period , the cat or dog can be returned to its territory. The neutered animals will be healthier, cleaner, often more friendly, and most importantly not able to add to the already extensive street animal population.

In May Fang was neutered and had corrective dental work. She is now a beautiful cat whose only concerns are finding food for herself and playing with the other cats. All her babies have also been through the TNR programme so the Fang Gang is now a closed group!

For more information about carrying out TNR activities in your area, feel free to pop into the Purrfect Cuppa and have a delicious lunch, a slice of succulent homemade cake and chat to the team about their ongoing programme.
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