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Red Sea Bulletin previously reported  in its Nov/Dec issue 2011 about Monique Carrera’s unique animal center in Hurghada, located 500 m from the Hurghada/El Gouna ring road just inside the desert. Coming from Hurghada you will find a big billboard with a black bull, take the road on the left and drive to the first building with a blue door. 

Bluemoon is definitely a place worth a visit. On 53,000 sqm Monique Carrera and her team host approximately 250 animals: cats, dogs, donkeys, sheep, goats, birds, rabbits ….  If you love animals, here you can find them in a beautiful environment with proper care. It is a good feeling to volunteer for a few hours which Bluemoon welcomes every Wednesday, from  10am. Bring your children as they love to care for  the animals.

With support from Watertec T.A. GmbH, the German specialist for water desalination with a branch in Hurghada, Monique was able to install a desalination unit for her farm, which produces 5 tons of good quality drinking water per hour, a great improvement for the 250 animals living there, the trees, plants and not to mention the committed staff of Bluemoon. 

Another important issue seems to have found a better solution – the killing of stray dogs and cats. Bluemoon and HEPCA managed to convince the responsible department in the government in Hurghada to stop shooting dogs, with the argument that castration is much more effective.  See graphic. To kill an  animal proves to be a short term 

solution, as there are many stray dogs around the city who would take the place of a killed dog. Castrated dogs do not produce puppies and would protect their territories, which results in a reduction of the population over the years. It is extremely important to mention  that any dog sterilized is also vaccinated against rabies. 

Some have complained that their dog has been attacked by stray dogs. Naturally any male dog will approach a bitch in heat; therefore, it is important is to castrate your own dogs. This prevents fighting between them and other dogs in the streets.

Monique recommends not feeding street dogs and cats. If done then it should always be in different places. However don’t be concerned, street dogs and cats find enough to eat in the area. You can always provide water for them and if they are ill or weak, for sure, you should help them. Consider that well fed dogs produce lots of puppies. 

Monique also advises every animal lover not to take a “lost” puppy from the street. Very often the mother will leave her pups for some hours to search for food.  It is best to watch  it for a day to be sure that the puppy is alone before you take it.  Please, make note, Bluemoon is not a drop-off  point for all animals. The center already has reached their capacity with  250 animals to take care of. 

It should be mentioned that Bluemoon survives from private financing of Monique Carrera, contributions  from  animal lovers like Susy Utzinger from Switzerland, companies like Watertec, and income generated through hosting animals, selling vegetables, flea markets and other small businesses. The target is that one day Bluemoon will become a self-financing organization. Until that day comes, any and all donations and support are greatly appreciated.



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Bluemoon Animal Center Hurghada

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