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My anticipation grows as we wait, I want to unravel the mystery behind the inviting blue doors… When they open, we are greeted by a friendly man with a big smile, he welcomes us and we proceed to meet the lady behind the ' Bluemoon Animal Centre'.
I take a look around, there is so much space – it’s huge! I'm instantly attracted to the simplicity of the design here, it is of a humble nature, surrounding us are many cats, dogs and donkeys all roaming freely.
I'm then introduced to the lady who was able to bring all this into fruition... Mrs. Monique Carrera... Instantly I can feel a glowing warmth and dedication to animals radiating from this extraordinary lady, and when she talks I want to listen, I know this is a person with a story to tell, and someone who has gone to great lengths to achieve her goals...
Monique Carrera, previously a ballooning pilot in the national team of Switzerland- yes you did read right, I said ballooning pilot! - first decided to start working with and helping animals ten years ago beginning with the rescue of a single cat and now here she is today helping on this tremendous scale.
Monique shows us around her animal shelter - it's a big operation, and somehow the structure works. It works in perfect harmony with its recovering animals, different groups of animals have their own habitats, all of which are spacious, clean, well-built and far from over crowded, it's obvious that the animals here have a good quality of living and are treated with love and attention.
As we walk around Monique tells us of all the animal lovers who have come forward joining her in her dreams, she welcomes volunteers who want to come in to give a helping hand with general duties of care, cleaning, dog walking on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, all the way to veterinary doctors for the clinic. Big hearted generous people also donate money to help support a small portion of her rescue activity, helping to keep the shelter maintained. 
As we talk further I realize that Monique’s passion reflects on the animal centre itself, you could only begin to comprehend how much money, hard work, determination and love has been poured into this project, she explains that her mission is not to collect all street animals of the area (it’s simply not possible) but to rescue them, give them the medical treatment till full recovery and provide castration free of charge, preventing overpopulation which leads to abandonment, neglect and cruelty...
As we continued our tour, we saw not only rescued cats, dogs, donkeys but also goats, birds, rabbits and turtles all being nursed back to health or fully recovered, it was beautiful to see. Yet even with all this going on Monique still manages to run a successful animal boarding establishment so loving pet owners need not worry about their furry friends while on holidays! For pet owners wishing to travel with their pets Monique caters for this field also, providing the owner with the necessary medical checks and documents relevant to the desired country they wish to travel to... a pet passport if you like!
As Monique continues, you realize the level of knowledge acquired to run this operation - its huge! She also wants to pass that knowledge onto others - who not better to educate on these matters than the youth of today? For this reason Monique invites any schools with groups of up to 25 children to come and spend a day at the Bluemoon animal centre to explore, learn and to have fun. As our tour finishes and we all sit to reflect on the morning we praise Monique on all the rescue work she has done and she states modestly, "an animal is only truly saved when it has a home forever", that’s why she also offers adoption services of fully vaccinated and castrated animals in need of a place to call home to a loving family/person. So as you can see Bluemoon animal shelter has a lot to offer in the way of animal care education and also in inspiration to us all.

On this note, it's time for us to leave, we say goodbye to Monique Carrera and I leave feeling motivated, invigorated and driven by this admirable lady’s awe inspiring desire to good in the world and will to help others - and then I think to myself "the world not so bad after all..."


Anyone wishing to donate, volunteer and visit would be greatly appreciated

FB: Bluemoon Art Hurghada      Monique: +2 0100 549 00 46 or
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