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Christina Klomp is the co-owner with her husband Ossama of the famous Dutch Bar here in Hurghada, a keen Astrologer and successfully business woman we asked Christina to join us for a cup of coffee.


When did you first visit Egypt?

I came for the first time to Egypt on the 8th January 2000, I had planned a cruise together with my son, but my son did not like the idea of a cruise as it was more suited to the older generation, so we changed our plans and decided to travel to Egypt.  When I landed in Egypt I put my arm on the shoulder of my son and said “Your mother is at home now”. 


Where and when did you meet your husband Ossama?

I met Ossama on the first day he was working as a musician at Beirut Hotel, my son is a musician too and we all ended up singing together at a rehearsal.  The song was “Strangers in the Night”.  After one week I left, but my son continued his vacation with Ossama for another week.

I returned again to Egypt one month later and then went back to Holland to organise my cargo with a view to living in Egypt for good.


What was your occupation in Holland?

I started work in a bank, analysing the stock market, I had excellent mathematical skills.  I was also involved as a speaker at the Miss Holland competition.  Later I owned a hotel, restaurant, sports club, health club, sauna, supermarket, shops in Rotterdam, and even a shipyard.  I ran all these businesses at the same time for about 7 years.


Can you please tell us about the history of Dutch Bar?

When I first arrived I did not plan to work at all, but Ossama had a cafe and we lived in an apartment in the AKA Building, we had been offered the opportunity by the owners of AKA to open the first Bar in the lobby.

There was a fire in AKA and other problems and they had to close at AKA. The day they closed, we opened “Dutch Bar Holland and from Too”, on the 22nd February 2002 – 22:00hrs, and as it was after closing the only change was to the name “Dutch Bar”.

Dutch Bar was the first dance bar in Hurghada.  Ossama and I like to sing, and we still do this now, every day.  There is always a warm welcome for our guests and people return year after year.  

We have guests visiting us from all over the world; one Russian girl has been visiting us now for 6 years she even brought the Russian TV to make a press report for the bar.

Egyptian TV have used Dutch Bar for 2 movies, and we have famous musicians performing here, our close friend the famous singer Daoud will make his final Red Sea performance here at Dutch Bar on the 23rd May 2008.  Don’t miss this night! Daoud has been the main musician in the Red Sea for the past 12 years. 


Would you open anymore Dutch Bars in other locations?

We have had many offers to open Dutch Bar in other locations but have refused.  We like living In Hurghada and currently we have no intention to expand.

Further information for this event can be found at



Tell us a little bit about Orange Café?

About 1 year ago friends pushed us to open a café, the “Orange Café”; the location on the promenade was ideal and close to Dutch Bar.

In Holland we would describe Orange Café as “Eet Café”. The food served is International with homemade pizza, steaks, Dutch specialties (see recipe in Bits & Pieces of this issue), etc. 

We now even have an alcohol license, and this summer the Big Screen TV will be showing the Euro 2008 Football.

We have a wonderful open terrace (400 sqm), Shisha, billiards and a relaxing lounge.

Our future plans are really to maintain the businesses we are currently involved in.


If you get a chance pop along to Dutch Bar or Orange Café, all our welcome and we would love to meet and greet you.







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