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The city of Hurghada witnessed the largest international exhibition at the ALDAU International Conference Center located at Steigenberger ALDAU Beach Hotel on the promenade.

The Top Model of The World hosted its 26th edition of Top Model of the World 2019 on the 24th of January 2020 at the Meraki Resort, Hurghada, Egypt. 

Egypt was ranked fifth globally in terms of economic growth, with the country recording at a rate of 5.6 percent, according to official statements issued by Egypt’s Minister of Finance on Tuesday, February 11.

STAY SAFE! USE THE OZONE FOOD PURIFIER! Whenever buying vegetables or fruits, for example apples, the consumer tends to touch around five other apples before actually buying one. The ozone food purifier has the ability to disinfect food from pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

In a way to make children and youth reading, the competitions of the newly-launched National Reading Program (NRP) by the Ministry of Education opened for students and teachers nationwide.