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Chinese Gymnastic for Health & LongevitySponsored
Kotta's Mall - 3 floor, opp. Marlin Inn

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Chinese Gymnastic for Health and Longevity

Chi-Gong practice includes techniques for activating & balancing of your own energy. awakening your wisdom, love, and vitality. Regular practice gives you a wonderful feeling of harmony, bring you to an amazing world of new discoveries!
- How to apply this technique to free our emotional conflict and our physical pain;
- Discover how feel your own Chi sensations through easy learning Chi-Gong exercises;
- Tapping your energy into the ocean of the universal energy that your healing will start on its own;
- Relax, open to and embody the divine energy;
- Techniques on how to actualize self healing;
- Learn the concepts of organ cleansing and strengthening by Chi-Gong
First lesson - FREE of charge! Just please call in advance: +2 0122 7893990


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